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   Both extensions arefree and work only with the Chrome browser.

Words might help orhurt so您晓得少女教英语meone. Our words may have more power than we believe them tohave when we use them.

cyberbully - v. theuse of electronic communication ***缓速英语to bully a person, typically bysending messages of an intimidating or threateningnature.

spell checker - n. acomputer program that finds and corrects misspelled words 大年夜indocuments, e-mail, etc.

browser - n. acomputer program that is used to find and look at information onthe ***缓速英语Internet

extension - n. a smallsoftware program that can be added on to a browser

Words in ThisStory

Just Not Sorry is alsoavailable at no cost from the Go您看怎样自教1门中语ogle Chrome store.

Users can then chooseto change the words or not. The words will not 您看英语be highlighted inthe copy sent.

A dotted orange linewill appear below the weak words. Examples of such words include"sorry," "just," "I think," and "I小教死英语自教网'm no 听说2017行车记录仪推荐expert." An explanation ofwhy the words were highlighted will also appear.

It works like this:When a message is created in Gmail, Just Not Sorry will highlightthe words that weaken the message.

Just Not Sorry worksonly in Gmail, as a Chrome extension.

Developers at thecompany Cyrus Innovation created Just Not Sorry. They said somepeople weaken their messages by using apologetic words. So theyinvented a tool that highlights such words in a writing.

Just Not Sorry is aChrome extension that is, in many ways, the opposite of reword.Reword is meant to soften language. Just Not Sorry is designed toempower language.

Just NotSorry

The reword extensionis free. It can be found at the Google Chrome store.

The reword websitepermits users to add words they think should be included in theextension.

A video on YouTubeshows the thinking behind reword.

Chris Tanti is adeveloper of reword. He praised how it can, in his words,进建***缓速英语“change online behaviorby stopping insults in the moment before they areposted.”

The developers'testing showed that 79 percent of children changed their words whenpromptedto by reword.

An Australian teamdeveloped reword to combat cyberbullying. The developers realizedthat people, especially children, may not understand which wordsmight deeply affect others.

The extension issimilar to a spell checker. Reword does not block words. It ***alerts users to language that might offend.

Reword is an extensionthat helps show what words can be harmful. When users type a word,phrase or sentence that seems insulting, abusive, or hurtful, a redline will cross the word or words.




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