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   sustainability –n. the ability to continue a behavior or activityinto the future

renewable –n. something that is not used up, but continues to beavailable

operating system –n. the software that manages both hardware andother software programs in a computer system

stylus –n. apieceof metal used like a pencil or pen

hardware –n. physical electronics in adevice;computer equipment

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This week, the FBI told a court investigators might not needApple听听怎样自教日语’s help anymore. The agency said it thinks it has foundanother way to access the phone.

Therewas a major twist in the fight between Apple and the Federal Bureauof. TheFBI had sought legal action to force Apple to help unlock aniPhone.wereseekinginformation connected to the deadly terror attack in San Bernardinolate last year.

Other AppleNews

The company also reported on its sustainability efforts to use 100%renewable energy at all of its facilities. Currently, Apple says ituses renewable energy at 93% of its facilities.


Thelatest model of Apple TV also got an update. Now, itincludestoorganizeapps, such as entertainment, games and news. And, Apple热水器维修多少钱怎样’s voiceassistant Siri can search for a movie or enterpasswords.

Apple TV

Apple is *** getting an Apple Watch a bit eas教英语ier by cutting theprice. The price of the least expensive Watch has been reduced byabout $50 to $299.

Apple WatchNews

Apple also introduced Night Shift, a mode that changes thebrightness of the screen based on the time of day and location ofthe device. Night Shift reduces the amount of blue light that thescreen displays at night, as blue light has been showntowithsleep.

iOS, the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, received anupdate this week to version 9.3. New features include the abilityto protect Notes using a password or your.

iOS 9.3

The iPad Pro will cost between $579 and a little over $1000.

The screen of the iPad Pro has been improved to make it easier toread in bright light, such as sunlight. The cameras are also morepowerful, both front and back, to take better photos.

The iPad Pro is designed for possible use as a laptop computer. Thedevice has powerful hardware and storage capacity up to 256 GB.This iPad Pro works with Apple***缓速英语’s stylus, called the Pencil. It alsoworks with the so-called Smart Keyboard, which also 念晓得怎样自教1门中语serves as acover.

At the event on Monday, Apple announced a smaller version of theiPad Pro, with a screen measuring 9.7 inches, or 24.638 c教会英语听力正在线听m. That isthe size of the original iPad screen.

Last fall Apple introduced the iPad Pro, its largest iPad怎样 ever. At12.9 inches, or 32.766 cm, the iPad Pro screen is as big as that ofsome laptop computers.<怎样/p>


The iPhone SE shares the same design and materials as the 5 and 5s.However, the new model adds a color choice: rose gold.

And, Apple is offering the iPhone SEfor a lowerprice. An iPhone S进建怎样自教1门中语E with 16 GB of storage will cost around $400.One with 64 GB will be about $1小教死英语自教网00 more.

Apple head Tim Cook said cus普特英语听力网tomers had asked that the companycontinue *** four-inch products. He said the new iPhone SE,satisfies that demand. I看看普特英语听力网t is the same size as the iPhone 5 and 5s.But, the SE includes the better hardware of the most recent iPhone,the 6s.

iPhone SE

<我没有晓得英语p> The technology company Apple announced a传闻英语自教网 new, smaller sized iPhoneon Monday at a press event in Cupertino, California.

Apple Announces the Return of aSmaller iPhone


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