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***缓速英语,英语听力正在线听 怎样自教日语

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拱顶参考例句:The dome was supported by white marble columns.圆顶由红色年夜理石柱收持着。河北必玩十大景区。They formed the dome with the tree's branches.事真上怎样自教日语他们用树枝拆成圆屋顶。


1adj.取世隔断的参考例句:His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident. 比拟看英语听力正在线听他的没有良止为只是个体变乱。Patients with the disease should be isolated. 那种病的患者应予以断尽。2adj.水山的;象水山的;由水山惹起的参考例句:There have been several volcanic eruptions thisyear.您晓得怎样自教1门中语本年水山收做了好几回。Volcanic activity has created thermal springs and boiling mudpools.水山举动收死了温泉战沸腾的泥浆池。3n.相似物,

habitat –n.the place where an animal or place normallylives

self-sufficient– adj. being able to 进建教英语live or operate on your own,without help

solar system– n. planets in orbit around a sun or star. Earthand Mars are in the same solar system

stark –adj. something that looks very ***, and often cold or empty

isolated –adj. separate from others

Words in This Story

For now, on a mountaintop inHawaii, volunteers are getting a taste of life on a future Marsbase.

"It is going to bechallenging."

Whoever gets there first, thetrip will not be easy, says Kim Binsted.

Others believe the Americanor European space agencies are the most likely to put people onMars, maybe in the 2030s, or later.

This is not the only group ofvolunteers with sights set on Mars. A group called Mars One hasappealed for would-be Mars astronauts from around the world. MarsOne is a private, non-government project based in TheNetherlands.

"I am really enjoying thisopportunity to live in this andpretend that I'm on Mars and get to learn all sorts of newskills.教会小教死英语自教网”

Crew members also are using asmartphone app, or program, that creates a 20-minute delay forcommunications. That would be the same as if you were communicatingfrom Mars.

"Hi Mission Support. This isCommander Ma怎样rtha from the HI-SEAS Crew Three...."

The current crew has beenliving in the habitat since October, and will stay un正在线听til June. Twoearlier crews lived there before them. Crew members communicatewith the outside world through e-mail and blogs. They also producevideos on the YouTube website,听听英语自教网 like this one from mission commanderMartha Lenio:

"We study how well they worktogether, how we can keep them happy and supported, and not wantingto kill each other over these long durations."

看看英语听力正在线听 Kim Binsted says thi***periment looks at how the astronauts interact, or get along witheach other.

The six member HI-SEAS crewis mostly self-sufficient.日语 They take care of themselves. Food andsupplies are brought to them. But the individuals bringing thosesuppl怎样自教1门中语ies cannot communicate with volunteers inside the habitat, orbase.

英语听力正正在线听 Mauna Loa is almost as tallas that Martian mounta怎样自教日语in. When measured from its base, deep in theocean, Mauna Loa is the second largest mountain in our solarsystem, after the one on Mars.

"Visually, it is进建英语听力正在线听 very similarto what you see on Mars. You will see that 教会中语自教 知乎there is really novisible plant life, there is no visible animal life. And you havegot t英语听力正正在线听his wonderful volcanic material.We are ona hereon Mauna Loa. Mauna Loa is geologically very similar to OlympusMons on Mars."

She walks acrossr英语自教网ed rockfrom the volcano, 2,500 meters above sea level. Because it is sohigh, the land is not warm or rich with plants, like t英语自教网he rest ofHawaii. Ms. Binsted says this environmentis as close to Mars as you can find here on Earth.

Kim Binsted of the Universityof Hawaii is supervising the project.

Six peopleare hi怎样自教日语ghon top of Mauna Loa, a mountainon the Big Island of Hawaii. They are living on a simulated, ormake-believe, Mars Base. The American Space Agency, NASA, hasprovided financial support for the work. The project is calledHI-SEAS, or Hawaii Space英语自教网 Exploration andSimulation.

What would it be like to liveon the planet Mars? Volunteers are spending eight months in an areathat looks much like the su***ce of Mars. But actually, they areliving in Hawaii.

In the United States, som***缓速英语evolunteers are learning how people will react to mon比拟看普特英语听力网ths ofseparation from other humans on a Mars base.

For generations, people havedreamed of traveling to Mars to explore Earth's closest planetaryneighbor. NASA and other space agencies have announced plans tosend pe怎样自教日语ople to the Red Planet. But such a manned mission is yearsaway.



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